ART HISTORY… my first class this semester at the Ottawa School of Art

Yves M. Larocque

Arthur C. Danto

Summary of our talk; make a choice! … no excuses!

Everyone can become an artist if he/she decides to become one.  It is a matter of choice. But, what do you want to paint?  To which “Artworld” do you want to belong? This is another choice.  “Artworld New York”, “Artworld Adelaide”, “Artworld Ottawa”, “Artworld” Sturgeon Falls, etc.? When you will be graduated, where are you planning to go?An Artworld (A.C. Danto) is a societal artistic milieu composed of its own transmission tools (periodicals, libraries, curators, galleries, etc.).  You have to make a choice. Which Artworld? Are you ready to cross the threshold of the self? Are you ready to paint your own personal stories? Do you fear sharing your stories? Do not forget that it is only stories that link us all! See you all on Monday!

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