Monica Marquez showing her works

The Lives of Others

Opening/vernissage Thurs. October 28 2010 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.Orange Gallery (233 Armstrong St., Ottawa ON, Canada)

Mónica Márquez, Colombian-Canadian painter, photographer and digital artist, based in the Ottawa region since 2001, presents her new series of digital and mixed media works.

Intended as a revision of Pop Art, The Lives of Others is inspired in the nature of the human relationships on the Internet’s social networks.

She writes: “On social networks there is self-marketing, which includes our search for the perfect promotional image, that obliges us to conceal our own reality, our real image. My series The Lives of Others shows the other face of the characters on Facebook: their inner lives, their moments of “real reality,” what they really are outside this network, the faces that we do not see; in short, what has been left out”.

Monica Marquez, Sevy Euqcoral 2010

The artist thanks the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this project.

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