New York Art Trip 2011

Arts and Politics in New York art trip 2011 (March 17-20)

Sharon Hayes In the Near Future, 2009 (detail) Slide-projection installation Guggenheim Museum

As usual our upcoming art tour to New York city promises to be very exciting with so many interesting shows.  Among others, our upcoming participants will have the chance to validate the persistent relevance of politics in contemporary art at:

The Guggenheim with the special show “Found in Translation” to open in mid February. The show explores translation, in both its linguistic and more figurative senses, to understand the sense of reality within our increasingly globalized world. Among the artists to be included are Patty Chang, Omer Fast, Sharon Hayes, Steve McQueen, Lisa Oppenheim, and Sharif Waked, whose works are critical of the global intertwinement of history, politics, culture and text. Found in Translation is the third exhibition in the Deutsche Bank Series at the Guggenheim. The show will travel to the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, in early 2012

The Museum of Modern Art MoMa with “A Fire in My Belly,” a video at the by David Wojnarowicz which in November 2010 was removed from a show at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington after complaints from some Republicans in Congress and the head of the Catholic League.  The video includes a crucifix covered in ants as a metaphor to AIDS, disease which killed the American artist in 1992 at the age of 37.  In line with a general outcry from the artworld, the MoMa recently bought it and it has been added to the museum’s current exhibition of contemporary art from the collection.

The Whitney Museum of American Art with the special exhibit “America” to open in March 10th, by renowned artist Glenn Ligon .  The artists’ text-based paintings, photography and sculptural installations deal with topics such as literature and democracy, slave narratives, race and sexuality.

We will keep you post for new developments about our 18th annual New York Art Trip!

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