Back from our fall session of Studio Italia

An evening at Studio Italia

Our last days in Tuscany

We are back from another great painting workshop in Tuscany!  During the last days of our workshop we painted in the Val d’Orcia and in Lucignano and we visited Assisi, where we had the chance to see Giotto’s magnificient frescoes at the Basilica of Saint Francis. Also we visited Florence, where we spent several hours at the Uffizi, and then walked through different art sites including Santa Maria Novella which holds the Holy Trinity by Masaccio, first painting of the Renaissance. Our group enthusiastically painted until the last day of the workshop and managed to pack well all their works! Our last history lecture was about Picasso’s famous Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.  And as usual our suppers finished very late at night! Everyone enjoyed icscis cuisine including “Quaglie in Marsala”, “Coniglio con Vin Santo alla lavanda” and “Agnello all’albicocca”.  Our farewell supper was at  the great restaurant La Toraia,  that specializes in Chianina unique dishes and that offers a great selection of wines. We had lots of fun! Next day we brought everyone back to the Arezzo train station. Some returned home and others stayed a few more days abroad. On our side, we took the opportunity to visit the spectacular Venice Biennial!

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