When art opens up a new world

New York Art Trip (March 7 -10, 2013)

František Kupka, Localization of Graphic Motifs II, 1912–13

In our last post, we said that novelty in art and friendship can lead to enriching experiences by providing us with new visions of our world.  Since the world is in constant evolution, traditional ways in art can easily become obsolete. Exhibits on new art forms that adequately respond to societal transformations of the time can lead the viewer to new dimensions of thought that ultimately reshape the perspective of life.

During New York Art Trip 2013 (March 7-10), we will have the opportunity to see such an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925 traces the advent of abstraction, a ground-breaking movement that changed art forever and consequently, brought a whole new perspective of the world. The exhibit will showcase more than 400 works from major public and private collections that map out the advent of abstraction and its spread across nations and diverse media, including not only visual arts, but also music, dance and poetry.   By the way, the MoMa in conjunction with Columbia Business School created a very stunning diagram that shows the social and collaborative relationships between all these artists. You can check it out at:  http://www.artnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/1.jpg

If you are interested in joining our next art tour to New York City and visiting also the Armory Show, the Guggenheim, the Met and more, please contact us at (800) 611-4789 or send an e-mail to walkthearts@walkthearts.com

You will find all the details about New York Art Trip 2013 (March 7-10) at: http://www.walkthearts.com/_art_tours/art_tour_new_york.shtml

Art Tour New York City
The Guggenheim is the last museum in our “hit list”

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