Semantics and Studio Italia

Painting workshop TuscanyContemporary art during painting workshop in Italy

Just finished another Studio Italia. Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of our last painting workshop in Tuscany (near Montepulciano) was the making of an installation around the famous Chianina cow breed.

For the celebration of the annual Festival Arte Chianina, the Contessa Giuliana approached us to paint on canvas cows in the field. But for Walk the Arts, this is too literal. We chose instead to do a contemporary art installation reflecting today’s trends. In 48 hours we managed to have 8 three-dimensional cows cut in wood and put around Bernardo, a real bull of the region, on which I painted a landscape (a “landscape on the cow”, not “the cow in a landscape”), thanks to Jaffe and Ricardo who made sure that the huge animal stayed calm and happy.

On every wooden cow, each workshop participant painted the representation (signifier) of an idiom (signified) relating to the word “cow” such as the “Sacred cow”, “Holy Cow, “Oh la vache!”. Of course, beforehand, we had a lecture on “Semantic-Semiology” (also on Duchamp) making sure that everyone apprehended the concept very well. And they all did as these two photographs show.

Now we are now in France for our upcoming painting workshop in Provence. The group will arrive in less than 36 hours and we are ready.


One thought on “Semantics and Studio Italia

  1. A wonderful time ! and Bernardo, the bull, was very happy from the caresses of the brush !
    What are you going to do in Provence ? We are waiting for the next newsletter ! Have a nice workshop in France !


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