Art Workshop Israel (301)

The 3-Cs; the very first digital art workshop for the amateur artist and everyone

Art workshops Jerusalem Israel 2018
Working in Jerusalem (Yehuda Market) during an art workshop

After many years of reflection, we are ready to add Israel to our workshop list.  Despite the current events happening in the Middle East, Israel is considered a safe place for travel. You may agree or not with the country’s politics, but since polemics foster creativity and is needed for an excellent work of art, Israel is indeed a great place for an art workshop. Israel is overwhelming; such a small territory immersed in a vast geography of the mind.  A “stimulating” and “interesting” place to live, which may be one of the many reasons behind the growth of the country’s population. You will be at the confluence of the three great revealed religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and will understand better the resulting psychological and political turmoil of this union. We shall never forget that religion is part of our DNA fabric, even if we practice or not, atheist or agnostic. Our Israel Workshop invites to ponder on life and death, love and hatred, on war and peace, in fact all the great antinomies of our own existence, in brief on life itself.

During Workshop Israel, your brain will be spinning at 100 miles per hour. The place is overwhelming as we already said. Every human being wants to live fully, being aware at all moments; and this remains a choice, your own conscious choice. We assure you that there will be no time to set up your easel like we did in Italy (Workshop 101) and Provence (Workshop 201); to mix physical colours, add them on the canvas on your easel; and then repack everything and back to our lodge. To add pixel colours on a tablet, of course, you will have time. Before you do add these coloured pixels, we want you to immerse in the country’s sprit of the mind; we want you to take notes in your moleskin or tablet; taste the food, talk to the people; share with your travel companions. Therefore, this workshop will only deal with the notion of the “3-Cs” (content, concept and context) in the realm of contemporary art, making it the very first contemporary art workshop for the amateur and traditional artist.

Since we are all storytellers, we want you to share your stories. Never forget that stories are what links us all. It is up to each of us to understand, like a detective, where your work of art will come from, and how it was built. Art today, questions our capacity to tell stories; and in our case, our own stories from the Holy Land —not the ones seen and explained on television. During this workshop, you will be inhabiting all the other forms of art; painting, sculpture, craft.  With your tablet, you will be able to reactivate and historicise them, as well as to inhabit other cultural domains. What will be the result?  We simply do not know. However, we know that you will have lived fully the experience of art. We shall never forget that the process is more important than the result, because we learn through it, we become through it. You may have time to produce one, two or three great photographs; perhaps a two-minute video, all done with your tablet at high resolution. We at Walk the Arts are toying with the idea of showing all the works in Ottawa, or somewhere else since new media are easily transportable.

A published exhibition catalogue? Let’s see first the results.


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