Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking

Italian recipes painting workshops 2019Offers a simple and innovative way of cooking based on color harmonies that will help you release your creativity in the kitchen.
Cookbook by Yves M. Larocque and Mónica Márquez about to be launched

We just finished our fall art workshop in Tuscany and had a great time with our group of artists of all levels from Canada, Colombia, South Africa and the United States. We painted in beautiful spots in the Val di Chiana and the Val d’Orcia, learned about different art history and art theory topics, reflected on our personal artistic paths, enjoyed delicious meals and wines of the region and shared interesting discussions about art and life within an intimate and fun environment. No wonder many lifelong friendships are born in these workshops.

And this time again, our participants underlined the originality and tastiness of our meals. We were happy to tell everyone that all our recipes derive from our own method of cooking based on color harmonies. Ten years ago, here in Tuscany, we decided to write a recipe book but with so many good cookbooks in the market, we needed to propose a new idea. We had to find a modus operandi close to who we are and what we do as visual artists. The answer was in front of us and painting gave it to us: art and color! Why not applying color theory to our dishes in the same way we did to our paintings? So, we decided to develop an innovative method of cooking based on a wise combination of colors. After confirming that nothing had been written on the topic, we started our project and finally it is ready. The book surpassed our initial design. It is a concept book, a beautiful book on art, art history and food. Read more at: https://theartistswayofcooking.com/

We are very excited to announce that Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking is about to be launched in both Italy and Canada. It would be great if you could join us! Here are the details:

Wednesday October 17 – Mercato Centrale in Florence upper floor- 5:30 pm -7:30 ppm

Tuesday October 30 – Jackson at the Ottawa Art Gallery – 5:30 pm -7:30 pm

The book is also available to buy online. Please see details at: https://theartistswayofcooking.com/get-the-book/


3 thoughts on “Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking

  1. Glad to hear that you are both well and have enjoyed yet another successful workshop. I have such fond memories of the France / Spain trip this year. Super excited to hear your book is available next Monday. I’ll certainly be ordering one.

    All the best Sharen xx _Sharen Paine M. 0274 555 388


  2. Good luck with the launch of your cookbook, many fond memories of Tuscany! Enzo ________________________________


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