We have moved to https://www.walkthearts.com/art-blog/

Dear Subscribers. We have moved for Internet search reasons (SEO = Search Engine Optimization).

We want to keep you or we will simply miss you. And a conversation on art is always good.

Therefore, click here and subscribe again on this new location > https://www.walkthearts.com/art-blog/

Looking forward to seeing you again.

2 thoughts on “We have moved to https://www.walkthearts.com/art-blog/

  1. Hi Yves and Monica When I took this link I could only seem to register for your on line workshops….not sure whether that was intention? I thought would be registering for the “blog” Cheers From a very cold South Australia (I am about to move into a small unit in Adelaide 10th Sept…another reason I was anxious re registering for your workshops…a new “life” at 73! Also have had 2nd exhibition.)

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    1. Hi Heather. Bizarre. I tried again, and on our side, everything is working fine. The URL is fine. We are landing on our blog. Three followers already registred, made the transfer. However, you can do a few capture-screens in order to solve the mystery.

      Enjoy your new life at 73. And go to your third exhibition.


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