Our First Intern: Welcome Claudia!

We are so happy to announce that Claudia Gutierrez accepted to be walkthearts’ apprentice!  She will be helping us in putting our first Alumni show (Australia and Canada only; the USA next year) that will take place in Ottawa in March 2011. She is bright and pays attention to details, on top of being a very talented young painter. Let her introduce herself:

“My name is Claudia Gutierrez and I am a drawer and painter from British Columbia, Canada. I am currently completing my studies at the Ottawa School of Art in hopes of continuing my education in a Masters program. My experience outside of the educational institution consists of mainly curatorial work; I have curated for two commercial galleries in Ottawa and free lanced my services to several other local galleries. My involvement with galleries can be accredited to my interest in creating relationships with artists and supporting the working creative mind. As an artist I have always enjoyed meeting and working with fellow contemporary minds

My work involves themes of inter-connectivity and the materialization of the human form and human emotion. I paint predominantly in abstract and draw with a more representational temperament. I have attached a photo of myself with one of my paintings (Bad Blood, 2009 30×30 acrylic on canvas)  and one of my latest drawings (Undone, 2010 20×24 charcoal and conté on paper).

I was a pupil of Yves Larocque’s last year and really look forward to working with him and everyone involved in this great event!”

Undone (2010) 20x24 inches, charcoal and conté on paper

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