The Art of the Second Enlightment (2015-2025)

Art classe Tuscany Italy
A street lighter in Sweden c. 1930

Be an artist of the Second Enlightment!

2014 was certainly a year that will be well remembered by history. So many wars, so many illegitimate occupations, so much barbarism; so many tears, so much pain; such deep obscurantism. What can I write in this post? I do not know. I do not know anymore. Maybe that in 2015 we all sincerely strive for clarity. That we all profoundly aim for light both physical and spiritual.

But for this to happen, we need knowledge and good will as it happened in Europe during the Enlightenment (1720 – 1790). Around 1750, street lights were installed in European cities. Urban lighting produced a decrease in crime. Light was no longer a private matter, finally it belonged to everyone. At the same time these lamps were installed, knowledge was encouraged among all social strata and the promotion of public space (gatherings, periodicals, cartoonists, salons, etc.) generated a form of spirituality in the communities. Of course, art and artists in their workshops followed the great path to clarity. A great example would be Turner’s paintings.

Maybe we will we see in 2015 the beginning of the Second Enlightenment where science and art will realize that it is time for their integration, with fair sharing economies, and in which the great religions of the world will promote that God is in fact God and that everyone has the right to worship God in their own way.

Let’s become street lighters in 2015.

3 thoughts on “The Art of the Second Enlightment (2015-2025)

  1. How beautifully put. If only we could all focus on respecting our Earth and one another and all religions promoting love of God and one another.
    Happy New Year to you and Monica … and wonderful art experiences to those who have the privilege of joining your “classes”. Cheers, Trish Burns


    1. Thank you. We are now in the age of the great “convergeance” (H. Kempf). Today’s ecological crisis demands that we become closer and closer to each other. The age of the great “divergeance” (created by the Industrial Revolution) is over!


  2. Well said. We can only hope for peace, respect for ourselves and our fellow men. We are one under the stars not different but the same….our ideologies differ….as is our cultures. these differences once realized and used for the common good of man kind the “second enlightenment” will happen.


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