Our workshop in Provence 2

Monica gettting ready!

Getting Ready for Atelier Provence

After a night in Milan and train trip to Marseille where we picked up our van, we are finally in our lodge in the middle of the Valensole plateau. The beauty of the juxtaposition of the lavender and the blond wheat fields is absolutely amazing!  Solitary English green platanes, a few red poppies and burnt sienna soil fields enrich the landscape. Undoubtedly our group of artists arriving tomorrow will have no inspiration problems! For the last three days we have refined the schedule, choosing the best painting spots and deciding on our menu. As in Tuscany, doing the groceries in Provence is indeed a pleasure! We are always too excited with so many choices of cheese, all sorts of meat, abundance of vegetables and herbs, and excellent wines at reasonable and civilized prices! We’ll keep you posted about our artists’ works and our art and gastronomic experiences! We are certainly eager to start icscis/walkthearts’ first alumni painting workshop!

One thought on “Our workshop in Provence 2

  1. Hi Yves and Monica, I love to see you Monica working out the details of all those gorgeous meals that the new group are about to eat. Things are really moving along here and I am up to my neck “painting from my heart” preparing the paintings for my SALA Exhibition. I just love France and am so looking forward to sharing wonderful times with you both. Suzyxxxxx


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