Lost Paradigm in Rigomagno

Monica painting
Yves painting

Painting in Montepulciano

Monica and I (or the collective Lost Paradigm) were asked to show one of our works at Il Colle degli Olivi jazz and gastronomy festival held every June in Rigomagno, a small top hill medieval village in the province of Siena.  In the midst of the preparation for Studio Italia, just before the arrival of our group of artists, we went to Montepulciano to paint the charming Chiesa di Sant’ Agnese located at the foot of the city.  As usual, we gave ourselves a limit of 45 minutes to paint our nearly six by six feet canvas.  Why such a short time? Simply to let go; to “trust the process” and capture the essence of the place.  When we start to think too much, the end result may not be successful. Our four hands worked feverishly and finally the painting was hung in Rigomagno.  Everyone was surprised by the original result, authenticity being the first criteria of art!

2 thoughts on “Lost Paradigm in Rigomagno

  1. Love the story and the photos including the balancing on the toes, but we want to see the final painting!!!


  2. Hi Monica and Yves, you are amazing. I too love painting fast as you know but have not managed to get a painting that size done in 45 minutes. I am finishing paintings in 2 hours these days so I am getting there…..So looking forward to capturing the glory of France next year in 45 minute paintings. Luv Suzyx


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