Our painting workshop in Provence (10)

Raymonde presenting her works

Our last day together in Provence: crit, group show and farewell supper 

by Raymonde Béland

Nous voilà, c’est déjà la dernière journée, demain nous plierons bagage et repartirons tous chacun vers nos prochaines destinations.

Le matin après le petit déjeuner. Yves nous reconduit à St-Jurs afin de découvrir notre joli et coquet petit village d’emprunt. Oups je passe à l’anglais.

Here we go, already our last day. Tomorrow we pack up and go towards our personal destinations.

After breakfast, Yves drives us to discover the small but very lovely little village of St-Jurs. Later some of us went to Riez to shop, have coffee and chat. We then discover the most subliminal lavender ice cream and decide to treat everyone for desert at lunch.

In the afternoon we have our crit and the chance to see everyone’s works. Yves is very happy with everyone’s progress since our first experience in Tuscany. We then proceed to hang three paintings each at a “pop-up gallery” kindly arranged by the farm owners for our group show. The community is invited to our vernissage and we meet lots of terrific people. And WOW, Enzo sells one of his great paintings. Bravo Enzo!!

We then have our terrific farewell dinner with quails stuffed with terrine forestière and a Pineau de Charantes sauce accompanied by a risotto à la Provencal. Again Monica exceeds herself as our chef!

Congratulations to everyone and many thanks for a terrific week spent in your company.
Au revoir tout le monde.

Our vernissage

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