Art in Colombia 5 – culinary art

Painting workshop in Cartagena

Arepa con huevo frying; cost 1 500 pesos… 75 cents.

Our last post from Colombia.

Still in the Colombian Caribbean region and already missing some delicious typical food! Would love to go back to Canada with tons of queso campesino (fresh white cheese, great for breakfast), pan de bono (corn and cheese bread), pan de yuca (yucca and cheese bread), patacones (fried plantain slices) and all sort of arepas (cornmeal  pancakes), arepa sencilla (deep-fried, baked or grilled), arepa con queso (grilled and filled with cheese) and arepa con huevo (deep-fried cooked with a raw egg inside) as seen in the photograph. Empanadas (stuffed cornmeal pastry similar in shape to the Italian calzone) are very good too! They can be fried or baked, fillings include shredded beef, pork, chicken and cheese.  Other snacks and accompanying dishes include Carimañola (deep fried roll made from ground yucca and stuffed with meat or cheese), suero (a cross between yoghurt and sour cream) which is great as a topping for boiled yucca and of course, coconut rice! Fish and seafood are also very popular in this region and include deep-fried whole mojarra and deep-fried red snapper as well as shrimp and calamari rice.

Participants of Studio Cartagena 2013 will have the opportunity to try all the above! During our last Holidays get-together several of icscis-walkthearts friends asked us to organise a trip to the Colombian Coast. We are working on the schedule and the final dates (probably around February or March) and will announce it soon. No more than 8 participants!

In a few days, back to North America!

Art workshop in South America
Monica writing this last post

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