Another walkthearts exhibit opening on March 17, 2012 at La Nouvelle Scène

walkthearts painting class
Peter talking about his Palindrome

Palindrome: ecce (part 1)

When returning from New York City last year, I have to admit that I was a bit frustrated to return to a city where community art instruction is still embedded in the old 19th century academic ways. Why teaching the same old stuff found in Barnes and Noble “how-to-paint” books, conventional Web sites and traditional art magazines? The “how-to” recipes are there; just use them.  But when taking an evening art class or an art workshop in Tuscany, why not trying to find an instructor that will make sure that you do not to repeat what you are already doing home? Or one who will stimulate you to envision art under a new 21st Century perspective?

This is why walkthearts is offering this year a brand new course at the Ottawa School of Art, entitled Resource/Palindrome. We believe that it is the very first class on digital art and painting offered in Canada at the community level.

Our Resource/Palindrome class will be showing at La Nouvelle Scène very soon. The exhibition will highlight the fascinating works of 10 students, who by the means of a video screen and a painting, managed to create a visual palindrome; one in which two different parts stand in one sole meaning. All works explore the hidden and fragile aspects of the human condition.

walkthearts painting class
Getting ready for the show.

As in a palindrome, the artists explore the theme of wholeness, where one cannot distinguish the beginning from the end, thereby merging into a perfect circle.  This is the sacred path that the artist must take.

Here are 2 photographs of us getting ready for the exhibit in a few days. The Nouvelle Scene Bistro will inaugurate the exhibition Palindrome: Ecce on March 17, 2012.

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