Palindrome: ecce at La Nouvelle Scène on view until May 11

Palindrome: ecce (part 2)

Yves at the opening

Thanks to everyone for attending the opening of our show Palidrome: ecce  last Saturday March 17th. The exhibition features the works of ten artists who managed to create art palindromes trough canvases and video screens.  As in palindromes, the works aim to create perfect circles where one cannot distinguish the beginning from the end.  We had a great evening in the presence of all participating artists: Nancy Brandsma, Lost Paradigm, Kirill Popov, Robert Gougeon, Anne Swiderski, Peter Dolan, Anahita Ariyafar, Denis Pariseau, Beth Shepherd & Andrée St-Louis. We had a very enjoyable soirée, with lots of people, superb food and animated discussions!

I am very proud of my group of advanced art students and the contemporariness of their works! If you have a chance, please visit Palindrome: ecce on view until May 11 at La Nouvelle Scène in Ottawa (333, King Edward).

A man looking at Red 2 by Kirill Popov

More pictures at:

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