Posts from icscis painting workshop and art history trip Atelier Provence & Paris Art Tour 2012

Painting  “sheeps” in Provence

In front , Yves and the sheep, in the back ,Sue & all the group painting them.

“Tomorrow, said Yves, we are going to paint the “sheeps”! But we are not going to paint “gning-gning sheeps”, but the essence of the «sheeps”!»  Because there is a plural in French for mouton, Yves applied it to English and since then we all had fun doing the same. It might become part of Australian English….

So here we are in a semi-circle, in a filed in Provence facing a mob of slightly confused French “sheeps” herded by David and Yves. We persevered, striving to distill “the essence of the sheeps”» into paint and onto canvas.

Did we succeed? Just “Baaarily”!

by Sue Pluck (April 23, 2012)

From Tightness to Looseness

My journey is from tightness to looseness.  My brain is conditioned with a sense of order and correctness from looking through a camera-lens for the past 30 years.  This does not help in the pursuit of painting “art”. Yves is breaking the mold.  All of my old concepts are being revitalised. I am taught how to think.  Looseness comes from crossing the threshold in oneself.

by Ken Mayes (April 26, 2012)

Painting the Mount Saint Victoire in Aix en Provence

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