Getting ready for our art workshop in Tuscany


What is talent?

talent fear art workshop ITALY

Getting ready for Studio Italia and I know that I will hear the following question: what is talent? Good question. I can only base my answer upon what I have seen in my long career as a painting professor. I would say that besides a bit of intelligence and awareness, a fearless attitude followed by self-discipline are the key components of talent.

My best painting students are the ones who are ready to abandon themselves to the current of their true self… it is simply a question involving a movement from fear to faith.

They are comfortable with themselves and they just let go, without fear of future judgments. They are also aware that since there is lot to be learned, steady work is crucial, but not necessarily “hard work”, as many say.

Abandonning fear implies the readiness to evolve since mentors, teachers, will undoudetly suggest new paths to be followed, new rivers and valleys to be crossed.

But those who want to reach the status of a professional artist, need also to respect a work schedule that help them to advance their knowledge every day.


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