From our painting workshop in Tuscany

What is artistic talent II?

art workshop Tuscany
AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju

In my previous post, I wrote that intelligence and awareness are also components of artistic talent.

This because creativity implies awareness of the actual societal context in which we live in order to intelligently build new visions, new interpretations of the world.

For example, one may paint literaly “love” with two swans with their neck forming a heart; we only have to google “love” and “swan”. No sign of artistic talent in this type of paintings or photographs.

Though another would express the same concept in a much less conspicuous way, such as tthe above strong photograph which circled the globe in 24 hours.

Talent also implies dissecting time, understanding space which will end into pure transformation.

And all these actions involve time, unless you are a genius like Leonardo da Vinci.  I do not think that Kandinsky was a genius, but he was extremely aware of his time and he perservered all his life in transforming his world, our world.

One thought on “From our painting workshop in Tuscany

  1. I agree, the photo has a powerful impact. I received this email at 5:15 am; what a sight to wake up to!



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