Color theory knowledge offered in Italy

You the Emitter: knowledge!

In Detroit. In a few minutes I will be boarding a plane to Florence to get ready for our upcoming art workshop Studio Italia in Tuscany. I am taking advantage of my quiet waiting spot to review this post. This post follows on ideas, instruments of knowledge.

We all know that works of art involve knowledge and intention. In this post we will discuss briefly on knowledge only.

If you Google the word “knowledge” you will find many definitions, and all of them will have these key words : awareness, facts, information, experience that you have acquired so far in your lifetime, etc. Knowledge also refers to the theoretical and the practical understanding of a subject, for example, “art”.

Since all intellectual actions encompass an intricate cognitive process, knowledge involves, therefore, a reasoning process. Ok. Having said this, please answer honestly the following questions which are in two sets:

Set 1> Where do you think knowledge makes the most of its potential to multiply itself? In simpler terms: where knowledge happens mostly? In big cities or in small cities? In small villages or deep in the forest? In New York City or in Sturgeon Falls (Ontario)?

Set 2 > Are you aware of your own knowledge of art?

Do you have a vast or a slight knowledge of art?

Do you have a good knowledge of art history, theory and philosophy?

When painting, do you get involved into complex or simple reasoning, or no reasoning at all?

Do you paint simple or complex subjects?

Now, I would like you to relate this post with this one on art-worlds, and this one.  Next post: Intention.  Got to go! Time to board! We will be talking about these topics in Italy during our painting workshops.

My following posts will try to explain my understanding of art and its role in society. By doing so, it will also clarify the way we instruct during our painting workshops in Tuscany, the reason why we have, at Walk the Arts, so many returnees.

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