The Other World on Canvas!

Lost Paradigm, Mirror (2004) acrylic on canvas, 8,5 x 11 ", private collection Montréal.

As all my former students know, art is much more than the mechanics of painting such as basic color principles and fundamental techniques. You can find all this information on the Net and in so many books sold in Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Amazon… in brief the information is widely available. Therefore, why spending a few thousand dollars in an art workshop to learn what is easily accessible and at an extremely low-cost? Or even free, for example at the following link which I received this morning while having my coffee.

We take a workshop to live an experience, to be able to paint who we are, in the way we are… not the instructor’s way. We all paint by sheer necessity. Discovery, engagement, experience are the three main components of a good painting workshop. And never forget that the world you want on canvas is beyond the world where you are currently living and no book can tell you how to meet that world.

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