Recipe of the month with Mushrooms

Painted Slippery Caps

In the spirit of our three last posts on Vico, we invite you to create the recipe of the month. Since it is Fall (Spring in Australia) and an excellent season for mushroom hunting (in the wild or at the market) why not a cream mushroom soup? We did ours with these Painted slippery caps (Suillus pictus) that we picked up during our daily walk. They were growing under huge white pines. We were so joyful when we found them, especially in such a huge amount!  Here are the ingredients that we used for our soup.  You can add or remove a few; judge on the quantities.

  • mushrooms of your choice
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • flour
  • butter
  • white wine (make sure the alcohol evaporate)
  • pancetta
  • grated pecorino romano
  • herbs and spices of your choice.; thyme is essential
  • Hint? Béchamel… béchamel.

When doing the soup think about the following questions. Where lays your creativity? What is the context of the soup? Be faithful to your personal mythology! Experiment! Take these mushrooms “by their horns”. Believe in what you cook, act on your belief and you will have a good dish. And never forget: Verum esse ipsum factum! When done, send us your recipe and photo and we will post it!

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