Leaving for Italia

Flying to our painting workshop in Tuscany!

Where we will paintThis September was certainly a hectic « rentrée culturelle » (“cultural return” as “return to school”) as we say in French. Social networks surely take what is left of our time, but we are not complaining! Morevover, we are currently organizing our second Alumni exhibit which will take place in Canada next March; there will be a posting on this matter. The return to teaching at the Ottawa School of Art was frantic, and getting ready for Monica’s solo show (our project manager), planned  for October 28th.

In a few hours, we will take our flight to Italy for our Fall Studio Italia. This October, we do have a very interesting group; mostly accomplished painters, therefore our instructions will have to be adapted to this new context; let’s not forget that everything is contextual. We will have two “real” beginners who have nothing to loose, just only to learn!  What one retains the most from our teaching is our passion for aesthetics and our philosophy of immersing our students into the experience of art. We are here to coach; through our instruction we help the creative process to merge by offering our students a unique environment where they will feel the “encounter”… where one’s mind, body, spirit is so engaged in the act of creating that one completely forgets time and space and is transported to another realm. Only in that dimension we can hear our true self, our own ideas, allowing us to express our authenticity in our works. There are no words that can explain the mystery of this “encounter”.

So here it is; we will keep you posted. While we are gone, keep painting!

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