Pontormo, the Mannerist

My favorite artist?

Pontormo, Descent from the Cross, Santa Felicita Church, Florence

Here we are once again in Firenze (Florence) and I had to stop once more at Santa Felicita Church, just across the Ponte Vecchio to see my favorite painting done by one of my favorite artists:  Pontormo. I do not know why I love this artist.  I just feel intensely in front of his great “Descent from the Cross” and his other works. Probably because he was a Mannerist (see post Letting Go…with the Mannerists, June 2 2010) who jaded by the same modes of representation of the Renaissance, broke with many conventional rules and arrived to a new art concept.  Anyway, he is one of my favorites along with Beccafumi and Andrea del Sarto. But I also love Pollock, Rothko, Picasso, Friedrich, Turner…

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