The first hours of Studio Italia

The kitchen

Organising our kitchen   

A few days ago we arrived at our lodge in Tuscany where our group of painters are painting the beautiful landscapes of the Val di Chiana. Before their arrival, lots of organisation had to be done.  Especially in the kitchen since food is a crucial element of our painting workshops! We unpacked all our “tools” that we keep safely in boxes in our small corner at La Fratta: chef knives, pans, ladles, serving plates, a cuisinart, and our large café Americano machine, extremely useful for a group. Then, we went to the COOP supermarket, where tomatoes and lettuce taste like tomatoes and lettuce; where prosciutto is perfectly salted, where the ideal panna de cucina is available and where finding truffles and gelatine sheets is not a drama.  And the wine! Sagrantino di Montefalaco, a Vino Nobile at 8 Euros… sigh… big sigh! Last night we had a vitello bianco con funghi e salsa tartufatta on a bed of papardelle, followed by salad and formaggi, and for desert cantucci with vin santo.  As usual, our supper lasted several hours and very interesting art discussions were held!  Indeed, a great beginning for our ten-day painting and gastronomy workshop in the heart of Tuscany!

One thought on “The first hours of Studio Italia

  1. Go for it, all of you there in Italy.

    We in OZ are freezing, in howling winds, while you proabably bask in warm Tuscan splendour !!!

    Have a great workshop all of you, with kind regards from the Ozzie artists of ‘Splashout Studios’ in Adelaide, South Australia.

    We shall see you in France 2012.
    Have fun, let it all happen and Splash Out !!


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