Studio Italia ; the end.

Art is powerful.


a 10 minute painting by Isobel


Just returned from Arezzo where l left the group.  It was certainly an intense painting workshop: lots of laughs, tears were shed, many calories ingested, in brief, a very productive workshop.  More than 120 paintings were done; some bad, many good.  We were there to learn, not to paint “pretty” things.  Art is more than the mere imitation of what we see; this is what we all learned during our art history and art theory lectures during our stay in Tuscany. The best painting were done in the last 10 minutes of the workshop while cleaning the palettes, another proof that surrendering is the best approach to art. Art is powerful, and we have to be submissive to its rigour.

Many will return saying “I did it! Yes!”. Other will return in a more contemplative mood, hence questioning their future series. Other may try to imitate what we do at icscis-walkthearts like it happened in the past! But nothing will win on our workshops because of the 30 year experience behind our teaching and a Ph.D. backing up our whole methodology and niche.

Time to clean the house, and get to the airport.

Yves Larocque signing off!

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