Hanging the show

Art at the Beach, not in the Snow


Adelaide, Friday April 1

Splashout Studios Art School is opening its ‘Splashout by the Sea’ Exhibition tonight. Fabulous Art. Beachside venue. Gorgeous wines. Tasty morsels. Funky music, the setting sun and wonderful people.  After a full term of preparation the moment is near, at 6.30 pm Friday 1st April, the exhibition will be opened, and there is even a traditional indigenous ‘Welcome to Country’ being presented by Paul Dixon / Aboriginal Custodian of the land.

‘The works are just great’ Says Krstyna Ciesiolkiewicz (Teacher and proprietor of Splashout Studios). ‘Our Artists have created and expressed their inner selves for the past 8 weeks preparing especially for this event, I am delighted with their achievements’

Jenny Tuck Proprietor of Splashout says ‘We are honoured to have a beautiful little study donated by professor Yves Larocque of Ottawa, Canada.  Yves has painted and sent ‘Ayres Rock’ Canadian style ! The indigenous word for our most famous icon ‘Ayres Rock’ is ‘Uluru’.  The painting is our special piece and Yves M.  Larocque from is our Guest Artist.

Proceeds in part go to mifSA (mental Health Fellowship of South Australia) A great cause. Thank you artists, thank you Yves.   According to Professor Larocque ‘Splashout is the best little art school in South Australia’.

The exhibition will continue for two days over the weekend.  Sat April 2 & Sun April 3.  9.00 – 5.00.

By: Jenny Tuck (Proprietor Splashout Studios).

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