A new restaurant in the Val di Chiana

Toraia CHiana
Antonella and Enrico Lagorio: Massimiliano Brogi (standing)

La Toraia

Finally a new restaurant on the block in Sinalunga where the New York look is at the rendez-vous!  La Toraia, which means “bull stable” offers an innovative menu in a Tuscany where Artusi is still venerated. Arrivederci cucina tipica Toscana; buongiorno to a new way to serve the famous Chianina meat, so precious to this region. In fact La Toraia is a 19th century bull stable at Tenuta La Fratta which was turned into a very elegant restaurant, though preserving the original architectural elements. La Toraia is indeed a great place to live a food experience.  On the menu, a hamburger – yes, but a unique one! The owners Enrico Lagorio and his wife Antonella said it was about time that a good chianina meat hamburger was served in the Val di Chiania region. A hamburger made with the best  chianina mixed with pork fat that gives it a unique flavour.  The tartar from our menu degustazione (bottom photo) was “earthy” and delicately tasty; the roast beef, served blue and thin sliced, was impeccable!

As for the wines, the best Nobiles, Rossos, Brunellos from their winemaker friends, the old Italian families, like the Frescobladi. The Brunello from Poggio il Castellare worth to be underlined such as the late harvest Castello di Pomino that we had with our Tarte Tatin.  To conclude, if you are travelling in this region and want a unique Chianina experience, La Toraia is the place to go!

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