David W. Jones painting in Italy

David W. Jones
David W. Jones painting in the Tuscan landscape

A Studio Italia post

As guest instructor in this wonder-filled, yet intense 10 day painting workshop in Tuscany, I am very impressed with the level of enthusiasm and openness of all present.  Everyone had come here to learn and improve.  I am not sure if all present could have known the different levels by which we (I include myself) are learning and changing our view of the art around us.  What could have been a bitter medicine under different circumstances is made truly sweet through the inspiring Tuscan landscape, architecture, history, art, the animated discussions at communal lunches and suppers, and the true charm of Tuscany.  By day 6 (the half-way mark) Yves and I have together witnessed the difficult and happy changes in each participant

The memorable Tuscan meals prepared by our co-host Monica is not the only nourishment being served.  The questions, the self challenging, the camaraderie, the risk-taking, the joking, and the thought provoking epiphanies, are all food for the artist`s soul. What a great opportunity to be educated, to advance your art as an “en plein-air“ painter, and connect your own work to the rich history of Italian art.

Thanks go to the students for their trust and, of course, to our genial, generous, and learned hosts, Yves and Monica, for making this opportunity happen for artists to explore and to be challenged.

David W. Jones

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