Last post from Tuscany

Anna Rimoldi, Yves Larocque, Gianlucca Palazzi and David J. Jones

The End of Studio Italia

Last evening of our painting workshop during the Benfinita in Rigomagno (link). For 10 days we painted hard and we ended up with 150 paintings! Our show in Rigomagno lasted for a week and was attended by hundreds of visitors from the Siena and the Arezzo provinces. As stated in our Web site, we offer a “real” painting workshop where the learning experience and the questioning are essential. Shown here on the photograph, the guest instructor David W. Jones, Gianlucca Palazzi and I are about to remit the Studio Italia participation certificates in presence of the whole Rigomagno community. We had a great fun evening, with a beautiful supper followed by a dancing party that lasted until early morning. A few hours later, we brought everyone to the Arezzo train station where participants continued their personal itinerary. some As for us, we went to Milano to head up for Marseille and get ready for Atelier Provence, our first alumni painting workshop in France.

And especially for Swiderski, here is the San Agnese Church painted by Lost Paradigm which was shown in Rigomagno.

Lost Paradigm, San Agnese, acrylic on canvas, 5 feet x 3 feet

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