Our painting workshop in Provence 5

The night painting by Sylvie Beaudet (Canada)

The Night Sky

by Barbara Flemming

It all began Sunday afternoon when “he that should be obeyed” (Yves), walked us to the lavender field near the lodge to observe the landscape about us.  A photograph was taken of our chosen scene which was to be sketched later and observed again the following night in darkness to be painted.  However, with a late supper after a long painting session, many forgot to venture out and observe the sky, only Yves as he wandered back to abode, was able to notice the night  hues about him.  The evening of observation for the rest of us came the next day when after another of  Monica’s delightful creative suppers with much bubbly and cake to celebrate Yves’ birthday, we wandered to the field to observe the field in darkness.  It was dark!  dark!  dark! Only the lights of the approaching vehicles brightened the scene about us.  To paint this the following morning created much ”heated” discussion  from members of the group on what was ACTUALLY seen and how it was to be painted. How many times did I hear Yves cry “Look at the horizon” as he strode from artist to artist advising as only Yves can on how to best achieve varied and interesting results using black.  These were exciting and magnificent as only students of this teacher can be.

One thought on “Our painting workshop in Provence 5

  1. Hi everyone in Provence. What a amazing painting Sylvia, just wonderful. HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Yves. What a night I can just imagine you all had. Looking forward to the next group (us) seeing the sky and painting our impressions in Aprl next year.
    Hope the lavender is out then. Congrats to our Lorraine for selling her lavender version. Raining here in Adelaide. Love to you all a special big sloppy kiss to you Yves for your birthday. Monica you give it to him please on my behalf.Sxxx


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