Our painting in Provence 4


by Lorraine Lillcrapp

Saturday July the 3rd. A Beautiful morning today – breakfast on the terrace & then a short drive through the glorious fields of lavender on our way to paint.  Incredible colours with Naples yellow fields patchworked between fantastic fields of lavender.  The sky is beautiful, with pale hues of smoky greys, blues and pale lilacs – a great challenge to mix the tonal values.  And then ¾ into the session kind travellers stopped to watch, to photograph and then, incredibly, to buy my painting!  Yves negotiates – and I want to finish just a little bit more before I can let it go.  Finally it is agreed, a little more paint, a price, plus I can reluctantly let go of today’s little treasure.  I am so happy in this wonderful countryside, my little painting having gone to a lovely young student and her family, email addresses exchanged.  We will keep in touch in 10 days time in Oz.  A little bit of my heart is left in Provence and with this lovely young family.

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