Our painting workshop in Provence 6

Lorry Bromilow, A Street in Puimoisson, oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches, 2011

Puimoisson Lapin à la Gionot

by Lorri Bromilow

After a previously beautiful sunny day and outdoor evening, we awoke to a grey and rainy day. So, scheduled plans were changed. We painted in the nearby village of Puimoisson, which is a quaint little town with its winding lanes of houses and the men playing pétanque in the main village square. Then after a beautiful lunch prepared by Monica we visited Riez, a stone walled town nestled on the side of a hill. Here we were free to sketch, paint or just stroll and discover the wonderful sites of this 16th century treasure. The evening was celebrated with lots of champagne and frivolity as it was Yves birthday. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner… Lapin à la Gionot. .baked rabbit with figs and lavender! Monique, what a Chef magnifique !

Ah! Atelier Provence ! What a privilege to be part of it!

2 thoughts on “Our painting workshop in Provence 6

  1. Hi Lori and friends,
    Wonderful pain ting you girls are doing us proud Lo rrain and Lori.
    Can’t wait to see all t he finished productions on your return.
    You are getting us so exci ted about our trip coming.
    Hugs to you all. Suzyxx


  2. Hello to Yves, Monica the 2 Lorraines and all the alumini painters in Provence from Krysia. Congratulations LL for your sale, WOW! Thankyou for your blogs. We are enjoying your journey with you. Your blogs read like Vincent’s writings to his brother and friends. He percieved his world through colour and all his writings paint a picture.


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