Studio Colombia 2 The View Point

Perspective Drawing Workshop in South America
Halina being aware of space while watercolouring

Perspective Drawing Workshop in Colombia > The View-Point

The view-point is where you look at.  It is always situated on the Horizon Line.  It never leaves it; it is glued there.  When the horizon line goes up, as well the view-point.  The same applies when the horizon line goes down. However, it may go left of right on the line; but you get to decide where the vanishing point will be. You must stick with your chosen vanishing point. It is your final destination.

At that very moment, when facing that view-point, you are always truly facing it.  If you draw a vertical line down from the view-point, this is your trajectory; this is where you are going be in the near future or a more distant future. In this case, if you draw a vertical line from the view-point (V.P.) your trajectory will be on the left of this small house, why you see its left side.

Studio Italia Perspective drawing workshop

The view-point is the manifestation of a decision.  “This is where I am going”. On a right way, focusing straight ahead. You are moving toward that point, toward the infinite of the horizon line.  It is your final destination; your earthly destination.

As I said in the previous lesson, the bottom of the page is your present, your now; the horizon line your destiny; the view-point on the line, the purpose of your journey. What is between the bottom of your paper and the view-point is the many decisions that you will take to get there, which are totally necessary.

While rendering your drawing, spent some time on the near future: the house, the reflection in the canal; and do not lose too much time in the far future, closer to the horizon line.  Same thing as in life: plan your day for tomorrow, but not for 25 years from now, since you do not know what is going to happen. However, the good decisions of a daily planning will undoubtedly be reflected in the far future.

You should not afraid of the view-point.

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