Studio Colombia 4 Conclusion

Be aware!

by Gerry Giuliani

Perpective drawing workshop
The author of this post and Monica Marquez, artist and Walk the Arts project manager in her exhibit in Barranquilla.

For me, art is an invitation to engage with the present moment.  Whether I am an artist or the beholder/appreciator of art, I am being asked to connect with what I see, and to how that has impact on me.

Over the past 10 days our perspective drawing workshop in Colombia with (icscis), our group explored the principles of perspective as apply to art.  These “rules” are given, dictated by Nature herself.  They are inviolable unless like a Picasso, Kandinsky and many others, one chooses to ignore or manipulate them either way, the principles are there and the choice to use or not to use them in any moment is mine to make.

In my view, clear choice is only possible in the moment and that depends on my being aware of what is, being able to accept what is, and being willing to let go of what is.  This allows me to choose to see in the present moment and in turn allows me to choose to see in the next.  Being able to discern perspective in what I see makes things clearer for me and helps to focus on awareness, acceptance and letting go.  This seems true even if I choose to ignore or event distort it.

Our group began this incredible adventure in Puerto Colombia, just south west of Barranquilla on the Colombian Atlantic coast.  We continued through amazing Cartagena, and then in the oldest city in South America, Santa Marta.  Eye-level line, horizon line, view-point, single vanishing points, multiple vanishing points, were everywhere, engaging us moment to moment wherever we went.  All this brought impact to what I experienced.

Now, in this moment, at the end of our trip in Barranquilla, I am immensely grateful for this experience.  My appreciation in the moment —  in any moment — vastly enhanced. As our instructor Yves M. Larocque said all the time : “Keep your eyes on the horizon; be aware of where you are at all time”.  In brief, be aware.

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