Our teaching philosophy: originality and self-expression

What recent participants of Walk the Arts painting worshops in Tuscany and Provence say

Art critique session during Studio Italia June 2014

Testimonials from participants of our last two last painting workshops in Italy and France prove our philosophy of offering above all the experience of art, one close to Arthur Danto’s concept of the “artworld”. In this sense, we aim to assist our participants in the creation of works of art that are not merely imitations of real objects, but that reflect their singularity and own personal experiences. Our unique combination of plein air painting, art history and art theory lectures, touring, discussions and gourmet cuisine/wine allows us to create a stimulating and fun environment that fosters creativity, originality and self-expression.

Here are a few recent testimonials from participants of all levels of Studio Italia and Atelier Provence:

I recommend Studio Italia to every artist, painter, hobbyists, historian, and art enthusiast. I have returned from this magnificent experience a different artist. Yves has inspired my creativity and extended my knowledge way beyond my expectations. I also feel much less anxiety about my art, I am somewhat free of too much self-judgement, and this is an enormous relief. Yves and Monica are passionate about their business and have honed this workshop over fifteen years into the smoothest and tightest run ship, between painting, lectures in French and English, and curated museum tours everything flows along magically…The food is a culinary delight…The friendships formed will last a life time. (L. Prussing, Port Macquarie, Australia, Studio Italia 2014)

There are not enough words to describe the experience, in Studio Italia, The combination of lectures in art history, tours in museums and medieval cities as well as plein air painting the scenic vistas in Tuscany has for ever changed the mannerism, train of thought, and the way I paint. For me it was the ideal combination of vacation and painting. One must not forget the gourmet meals and wine, after a long day under the Tuscan sun.!!!! Thank You Yves and Monica. (G. Priniotakis, Dollard des Orméaux, Canada, Studio Italia 2014)

For a novice in painting as me, Studio Italia was a real “parenthèse enchantée”, plenty of painting, great feelings, marvelous landscapes, delicious and laughing diners and above all so sweet people. Thanks to the “dream team ! I’ll never forget ! (F. Jacques, Metz, France, Studio Italia 2014)

I have to say to you both, I have done my share of travelling and trips overseas,…  but I have to say that the experience I had on the Walk the Arts Studio Italia trip ranks as one of the best experiences of my life… Yves and Monica…you two have created something special. I can’t tell you how many times since i have been back that I think of that trip, the two of you.. and the wonderful group, all the lovely people that i as privileged to meet and get to know…(G, Aide Port Macquarie, Australia, Studio Italia 2014)

Vous avez déployé des efforts de toutes sortes pour nous rendre la vie agréable et vous avez réussi! En plus des cours d’histoire de l’art, des séances de peinture, des succulents repas, les visites guidées furent de plus enrichissantes. Ce voyage restera dans mes souvenirs un de plus agréable à ce jour! Je vous remercie du fond du cœur. (M. Lemay, Chambly, Canada, Atelier Provence 2014)

Thank you both for a great learning and travelling experience filled with fun, drink, fantastic food, travel, friendship and very wise council and advice. Thank you very much! (B. and M. Cohen, Ottawa, Canada, Atelier Provence 2014)

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Arriving at Santa Maria Novella in Florence during Studio Italia June 2014

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