After your painting workshop

Denise at mid-crit during Studio Italia; discussing about her art
Denise at mid-crit during Studio Italia; discussing about her art

It always comes to a matter of choice

When you return home after one of our painting workshops in Italy or France, it is up to you to carry on with all the instruction that you received. During our 10-day art course, you will receive lots of tips on painting and lots of information on art history and art theory. Our aim is to help you become a unique artist and to stand out from the thousands of painters we see on the Internet. I insist… upon your return you can stay where you were (it is your right), or can you move on (your choice). What follows is a fine example of the meaning of moving on. I was “hard” on Denise, one of our participants of Studio Italia October 2014; we know what I mean by “hard”… I politely said the truth, and I was seconded by her accompanying loving husband. I was always there to make sure she would not futz around with the brush which would grey her palette. Back in Australia, and after a few months of disciplined painting it “clicked” for Denise and I am very proud of her astounding leap. Amateurism has been left behind, professionalism is being embraced. Her words below which were published at her art club newsletter:

art class Tuscany
A recent painting by Denise done around Cooranbong (NSW) Australia

“In October 2014 I was privileged to attend the art workshop Studio Italia in Tuscany with Prof. Yves Larocque. We stayed at a Renaissance farm dating from 11th Century, painted at least 3 works per day, visited hill top villages, Assisi and Florence to see famous art work and were stimulated by 10 days of complete indulgence for ourselves and our art. “What compels us to set up an easel, mount a blank surface and apply colour in this age of photography, internet, digital art and installations?” says Yves. Maybe a desire for creativity, expression and to look beyond what the eye observes? I was encouraged to paint without “intellectualizing,” as a child, spontaneous, quickly and trying to cross the “threshold of reality”. To paint beyond “the picture”, offer the spectator something to experience, ignite a desire to see and search into what was seen. After painting for 15 years, trying many mediums and attending various workshops, this time in Tuscany has influenced and stimulated me more than anything. I just hope I have enough years left of painting to achieve some success! Remember, “You have nothing to lose, you don’t have to earn a living as a painter, you are lucky, let go, be brave, do not think about the outcome, it will come by itself!” quoted from a wonderful teacher, Yves.”

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