Vico in our studio and kitchen (Part 2)

Painting and Cooking
Gelato Beccafumi

Let’s carry on from our Vico post posted on July 12.

So many times we stay anchored in our old ways and paradigms out of fear and a false sense of security. We are comfortable; we do not want to force too much. So many times we read in painting instruction books: “do not use cadmium yellow in… or with…”; “do not do this,” “do not do that”! How can we experiment if chained by “do not,” especially when it comes to something as subjective as taste? Our philosophy is: Experiment. If it works or tastes good, why not? Consider our vanilla ice cream with caviar inspired by our search for a serious” dessert, even though someone might say: “I would never eat that.” We broke many, many rules here, and we think that our Gelato Beccafumi (there are more ingredients in the recipe) has a very interesting aesthetic, a unique taste and inner beauty. But we had to give up many long-held adages, and it was not easy. Only through experimentation can we discover our own truth; this applies to all of life’s disciplines, including cooking, hence our search for unique dishes. Verum esse ipsum factum! (“truth itself is constructed”)

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