A painting afternoon in Cortona

Monique in Cortona

An afternoon in Cortona

As we drive up the hill that leads us to the town of Cortona, I have no idea what awaits me on this painting journey. We arrive at the town lookout to a stunning view.  What a symphony for the eyes.

Now for the most difficult decision of the day, what view will I paint? Which perspective will I choose?  One thing I know for sure is that there will be Naples Yellow involved.  Slowly but surely I am learning to slow down and appreciate the subtle complexity of the landscape in pastel colors.

The land of Tuscany, where breathtaking views await and the journey continues… La dolce vita

Monique M Miller

2 thoughts on “A painting afternoon in Cortona

  1. Hello from Adelaide, this is Suzy Tilley. Wonderful to see your happy face and great painting overlooking the valley from Cortona. It brings back wonderful memories of my time in tuscany in 2009 when we shared your similar experience with Monica and Yves. Continue to have a wonderful time. Give my regards to my two special friends M & Y. xxx


  2. Not sure how to do this, sent one already but trying again. Loved to see your happy face and your great painting. Brings back wonderful memories of my time with Monica and Yves in Tuscany in 2009. Keep enjoying the amazing beauty of the place, the delicious food that M&Y prepare and the great companionship of sharing the experience with others. I send my warm regards to all who are attending and a special hug for Monica and Yves. Suzyxx


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