Our painting workshop in Provence 7

The Gorges from our painting site!

Les Gorges du Verdon

By Enzo Medaglia

Turquoise, placid cool waters cutting deep crags against azure skies.  Sailors, painters, explorers entering deep crevices lingering with delicate fingers on the cool liquid we were adrift on.  Young men, bravados, diving from cliffs, children awhirl in delicious sunlight. Alas, alas for some of us `yes this is it` let us wait awhile, drink in the moment.  More paddling, more sights, more nooks and crannies, more leisure, ahhh!  Atop the crag, hairpin turns, grand vista, colors a palette of hues waiting for the moment to dip into the paint, waiting, looking, feeling, hoping… living!

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