Check out The Québec Triennial 2011 at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Olivia Boudreau, L'étuve, 2011

“The Québec Triennial 2011: The Work Ahead of Us”

On view until January 3, the second edition of the Quebec Triennial at The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal  is worthwhile to visit!

The title “The Work Ahead of Us” is borrowed from an installation by Grier Edmundson, one of the artists in this Triennial. He himself took it from an essay by the Russian avant-garde artist Vladimir Tatlin. The title suits the exhibition since it explores the boundaries between historical and contemporary art approaches and raises questions about the future of art in a critical and ever-changing present.

The exhibition features the works by fifty emerging and mid-career artists in and around the Montreal area.  Among our favorites, Olivia Boudreau’s L’Étuve (2011), an impressive video installation of a group of women gathered together in a steam room and Numa Amun’s Citadelle des sens, a series of surrealist drawings in ink on paper resembling medical textbook prints.

We enjoyed very much our visit and we are now looking forward to visiting The Armory Show and the Whitney Biennial next spring during New York art trip 21012 (March 8-11).  By the way, we still have space! Find all the details at:

Numa Amun, Citadelle des sens, 2007-09

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