Last night’s icscis alumni holidays get together

Suzanne, Robert, Marguerite and Taylor

“Creativity in our everyday lives”

Last night we had our icscis alumni holidays get together and we had lots of fun! We ate and drank well among discussions about art and life. A common topic among our group was the importance of creativity in our everyday lives.  While our routines at the office and at home leave hardly any space for creativity, we need to add quality time to our lives.  And for this we need to fulfill our natural need to express our uniqueness, may it be through painting, sculpting, writing, singing, etc. Let’s not forget Queen’s song “these are the days of our lives”!

As we said in our holidays invitation to all icscis alumni, since we have such good memories about our meals together may it be in Tuscany, Provence, Egypt or New York, this year we decided to plan a night out restaurant.  And we loved the experience! It was great to see so many icscis friends, thanks for joining us!

Halina and Yves

One thought on “Last night’s icscis alumni holidays get together

  1. Great pictures, great idea to go out to a restaurant too, as I am sure you in the past have been the caterer.
    Looking forward to catching up in France, and sharing more wonderful nights and meals together. Merry Christmas to all our friends in “Ottawa”. Suzy Txxx


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