Cooking during our art workshop in Italy

Osso bucco alla Borrani

cooking gastronomic meals painting workshops Tuscany
Osso buco alla Borrani, A Studio Italia recipe

Gastronomic meals are an essential componant of our painting workshops in Tuscany. Creative cooking is art. This is why we enjoy so much experimenting with new ingredient combinations and arrive to our own original recipes.

We enjoy very much letting go in cooking as we do in painting by fining and refining our recipes such as Osso Bucco alla Borani, Just as the Machiaioli Artists did in Tuscany.

This way, we are able to offer a unique menu to the artists and art lovers attending our art courses in Tuscany. We invite you to try our recipe:

Recipe for 4 people


·          4  osso buco (2-inch thick veal shanks)

·          Kosher salt

·          White pepper

·          Olive oil

·          8  fresh sage leaves

·          4  yellow peppers  (cut in juliannes)

·          4 tbsp of ground turmeric

·          2  cups of white wine

·          1 cup of orange juice


1.        Make a few cuts in the outer membrane of the shanks so that the meat won’t curl up while cooking.

2.        Season the osso buco with kosher salt and white pepper. Put aside.

3.        Wet generously a skillet with olive oil.  Add the sage leaves and golden brown them to flavour the oil.

4.        Discard the sage leaves.

5.        Add the yellow pepper juliannes and golden them. Put aside.

6.        In the same skillet and adding more olive oil if necessary, golden brown the osso buco on both sides over medium heat.

7.        Add the white wine, the orange juice and the turmeric and stir.

8.        Cover and simmer for 1.5 hours.

9.        Halfway through the cooking time, turn the osso buco and add the yellow peppers .

3 thoughts on “Cooking during our art workshop in Italy

  1. Love receiving your news and this time reading your recipe. Currently still in Copenhagen. Have two more days before we leave for home. Tils getting very toey ( in good old Australian slang can’t wait to get home). We have had an amazing 51/2 weeks. Saw so much. Had the opportunity to take stacks of pictures in Hermitage as we were only 60 people on a special tour in the evening which included a musical concert by St Petersburgs symphony orchestra. This is a Picasso which is in the museum. Also a Monet which I had never seen before even in books. Keep up the good work in Tuscany. Fond regards Suzyxx

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  2. Sounds yummy! I wish I could be there to to taste in person. Now I understand why my osso gets curly!


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