Studio Italia’s show in Rigomagno (Siena)

Ready for the show with icscis' guest instructor David W. Jones

Getting ready for Studio Italia show!

Since 2006 we have been part of the marvelous arts and gastronomy festival il colle degli ulivi held every June in the charming medieval village of Rigomagno (Siena).  On June 20 we mounted our Studio Italia’s show in a pop-up gallery that our dear friends Anna and Gianluca kindly arranged for us. After a full day that started with a painting session at our lodge followed by a lecture on Duchamp and an art expedition to Cortona, around 6:00 p.m. we all head to Rigomagno with around 30 paintings! After a couple of hours everything was set and we went back to our lodge to celebrate! The exhibit will be open to the public until the end of the festival (June 26). We are very grateful for this opportunity! Our group not only will have the experience of an Italian show, but most important they will meet many artists of the region as well as the people of Rigomagno, one of the most welcoming and generous that we have ever met! We’ll keep you posted about the Benfinita, a beautiful outdoor dinner party to celebrate the end of the festival and to which we are all invited!

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